22 February 2018

Earl Grey Crepe Cake - Happy Lemon, Birmingham @NLi10

Happy Lemon have all kinds of wonderful deserts to sample, mostly based around ingredients they already have like tea powder and cheese.  I've always doubted that a real cheese cake would make it home safely, but a crepe stack?  That we can risk!

We decided to go with the Earl Grey cake stack - which appears to babe made with a powdered Earl Grey as it doesn't have a massive smell/flavour of the usual bergamot.

It does look stunning though, and survived a trip to my sister's house on the bus.  Here we see a sneak peak of her Easter dresser.

Surprisingly it cut into two really nicely, and the layers actually stayed intact.  

The texture was fiendishly good, it hadn't gone soggy at all.  The flavours were slight and more cheese cake than Earl Grey, but still really enjoyable.  £4.80 for the big bit seemed expensive, but when shared is just a reasonable price.  I don't think you'd want this every day, but as a treat I'm sure i could work my way through the range.

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