25 February 2018

Bear Claws (Blackcurrant & beetroot) @NLi10

I suspect these first started at Halloween, but this is the first time i've seen them - Bear roll-ups but as pressed shapes called CLAWS.

As you can see the packaging has their usual flair, and has free stuff to encourage the pester power.  Fortunately they are reasonably healthy and taste great.  And the box has feet.

The stickers are surprisingly high quality and as they are in the box not the packs they aren't sticky like the collectors cards were.

Yup - spooky stickers for Halloween!

And you get a mess of body parts...

From which you can make your own monsters!

I wasn't really clear on the arms and feet, but I got three eyes in the pack so that's what he had.  There were some leftover parts too.  If you don't want to encourage children to play with their food (or to assume fruit is healthy without looking at the sugar content) then these are not for you - otherwise enjoy!

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