6 February 2018

Lindt Creation Macaron Milk Chocolate Bar (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Although I couldn’t see a “new” label on this bar of Lindt Creation Macaron chocolate, I also couldn’t recall ever seeing it before, and I certainly haven’t tried the bar before. This is why it went into my basket while I was shopping, it turns out that although some new items cling to their new labels for longer than they should, other items just appear subtly on the shelves.

Anyway this bar is a milk chocolate bar, with a filling of macaroon. I like macaron biscuits but wasn’t quite sure how that was going to be represented in chocolate. Macarons are shiny round biscuits that seem to be quite on trend in recent years. Reading the packaging I realised that the filling was essentially a vanilla cream, like you might find sandwiched between two macaroon pieces, and some of the biscuit bits in the centre.
I opened up the bar and found the Lindt pieces to be quite big and neatly printed in chocolate with the brand and imagery. I gave the chocolate a bite and the sweet creamy flavours overwhelmed my tastebuds. The centre is very creamy, sweet and and overflowing with rich vanilla tones. The chocolate is sweet too, and again very creamy. Vanilla and the rich milk chocolate worked well together, but this was a rich bar, indulgent, but also a bit full on. I liked the texture from the macaroon bits, it gave the bar a light crunch and hint of crispiness. The bar was all about the vanilla though, and after two squares I found myself defeated, putting the rest of the bar away for another day. Even for my sweet tooth I found this was a bar that was best indulged in small doses with a coffee on the side for contrast.

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Pierre80Remy said...

this chocolate is delicious, same taste than the kinder eggs.