2 February 2018

Nestle Butterfinger Cup Peanut Butter (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

I saw these new Nestle Butterfinger Cups at the end of an aisle in Morrisons, and noticed that there were two flavours available, peanut butter and coconut. I picked up both packets, and thought I’d start with the peanut butter version. I’m such a big fan of peanut butter. If truth be told I was absolutely convinced these were biscuits when they entered my basket, and it was only when I took a closer look at home I realised there was nothing biscuity about them.
Inside the packet are four peanut butter “cups” an American term for a shallow chocolate case I think. The chocolate is filled with peanut butter, but also some crunchy toffee pieces. I gave one a try and found the texture to be soft, but firm enough to hold together. The chocolate is thick enough to do the job. The milk chocolate is sweet, and the cocoa works wonderfully well with the peanut butter, but this is a favourite combination of mine. I was pleased with the generosity of the filling too. I liked the extra sweetness from the crispy toffee pieces inside, and there was a hint of salt all of which made this a gorgeous moreish mix of sweet and savoury. There may not be anything biscuity about these Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups, but with all that lovely mix of flavours, they are spot on as they are.

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