11 February 2018

Pepsi tastes different in the Canaries (@NLi10)

We went to Tenerife recently, and went for a wander along one of the many black inhospitable beaches.

We found a nice little cafe that served overpriced bottles of Pepsi with ice and lemon.

I got good value though because the tiny glass made me look like a giant! 

One thing I did notice though was that the Pepsi tasted different, and i just put this down to the ice and lemon.  My partner however noticed the nice little logo on the bottle - this is local Pepsi!

Now I'm sure the Pepsi concentrate is made in a top secret factory in America somewhere, but I'd not appreciated that a small set of islands like the Canaries would have their own regional variation too.

We can prove that it's not exact by looking at the calories.

It's more fattening than English Pepsi? No wonder I put on weight while we were away! (well maybe it was the all you can eat buffets in the hotel).

I wonder if these are just due to the necessities of local production (availability of sugars?) or tuning to local flavours?  When I'm in Spanish countries I live on Aguarius anyway (which is bade by the bad guys - Coke) so don't tend to see the bottles.  Maybe the Tenerife one is purely designed to be used as a mixer?

Something to add to the list of human geography tourism things to look out for in local supermarkets while away.


paulham said...

I hope you tried Fanta too.
Tastes like it used to here in the UK.
NO Sweeteners. BLISS!

NLi10 said...

Fanta Limon is the absolute bomb! We had that with our dinner (like sophisticated people) most nights. The Orange one is good too. I bet some of the bulk import Euro shops sell those too so will try to get hold of both in the UK.