1 February 2018

The Many Ice-Creams of Tenerife (by @NLi10)

I like helados, especially in hot countries like Spain. Tenerife is technically Spain (I suspect Africa had more than enough lovely beaches so decided they wouldn't miss the Canary islands) and so has a Spanish angle to the ices on offer.

Kalisz seems to be a popular brand with a large advertising presence and a wide range of fun things to try.  Here we see the Pivot which is basically a Cornetto.

I went for the fruity one.

Generous enough portion, lots of jam and swirls all the way down, decent nuts on top and chocolate at the bottom.  Yum.

I also liked the look of the Trufo Plus - which is basically a Magnum. Here we are in the hills at a strategically placed viewpoint cafe.

It's almost already gone! 

Note the Los Ice Creams t-shirt for maximum tourist look.  The ice-cream is a raspberry ice-cream with white choc on the outside.  I liked this a lot. 

There are also quite a few place selling traditional scoopy ice-creams which we splashed out on one day.  This is a cherry ripple - and it had actual bits of cherry in it.  The wafers were suitably deluxe and something to go back for.

Ice cream is happiness indeed!

I have saved the star attraction ice-cream to talk about in detail another time.

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