31 January 2018

Milkybar Krushem Milkshake (KFC) By@SpectreUK

Running roughshod over the memories of the last month of healthy(ish) food I succumbed to a KFC. They really do taste "Finger lickin' good". A Mighty Bucket for One, extra Hot Wings, lots of chips, 7UP (sugar free of course) and several sauces later, and then Cinabar noticed this Milkybar Krushem was new on the menu. I told Cinabar that I hadn't had a milkshake in 25 years. That was probably because I didn't like the last one. I think it was a banana milkshake in another fast foot restaurant. She reminded me how much I like white chocolate, especially Milkybar and I conceded.

When she bought over the Milkybar Krushem I noticed the wide straw in the plastic cup. It was wider than the last milkshake I had, and I remembered how hard that was to suck up. The creamy white liquid in this transparent cup smelt like white chocolate, in fact it smelt pretty good. On taste I noticed the bits of white chocolate in it, these were slightly melted chocolate chips. This white chocolate was a bit noticeable and needed a little chewing. The Milkybar Krushem tasted like a mix of milk, vanilla ice cream and white chocolate. There was definitely a vanilla base with mixed in Milkybar chips. The milkshake took a bit of sucking. It was creamy and sweet, and well worth the human hoover power. This milkshake is perfect for people who would like Milkybar white chocolate in a cup. It was difficult not to like. The white chocolate chips reminded of somebody murdering a white chocolate bar and trying to hide the evidence. It was a great dessert after my KFC meal. Trust me if you're going to have your first milkshake in 25 years this should be it.

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