30 January 2018

Salted Espresso Hearts (Hotel Chocolat) By @Cinabar

I can’t help browsing in Hotel Chocolat and when I do I can’t help hoping somebody will wander around with samples, as they do sometimes. This time I noticed that they had their Valentines chocolates in, and I had a little look. In the “Selectors” section I found these Salted Espresso heart chocolates and picked them up. Then a lady came around with some cashew chocolates, and gave me a sample, so I picked up some of those too!

Anyway these Salted Espresso Hearts looked very pretty, and combine my chocolate and coffee which is always a favourite of mine. The chocolate hearts looked very pretty too, with their marbled top of pink and yellow, very much in the colours of spring.
I thought the flavour was pretty intense when I tried one. The filling was thick but smooth. The coffee flavour is full on and it takes the sweetness of the chocolate to help soften it. I liked the addition of a rich hazelnut flavour in the mix, and I hadn’t quite expected it from the title of the product; Salted Espresso, but the nuts are mentioned in the text. What I was finding it more difficult to pick up on was the salt, there was just the gentlest touch, and I was okay with that as there were already quite a few strong flavours competing for my attention. As a coffee lover I thought these were a treat, and would be more than happy if someone treated me to some more on Valentines.

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