10 January 2018

Detox (Yogi Tea) By @SpectreUK

Cinabar mentioned to me yesterday that our readership usually wanes a little during January. She’d spoken to a few regular readers on this and they had mentioned that they go on diets or at least try to cut back on snacking during January of every year. Of course at the gym we notice how busy it gets during the first month or so of each year, then it drops off early February as the newbies or New Year’s Resolutioneers (I’m a Blogger, I can make words up) decide that dieting isn’t much fun after all. I did rather amusingly bump into a colleague who’d just re-joined our gym last week. I shan’t name names, of course, but I almost fell over her in the car park by the front door and then saw her huffing and puffing on a running machine a few minutes later. Then much later on I saw her sweating and bright red faced on an exercise bike. There’s a lesson for you; if you’re going back to the gym try ‘baby steps’ first, otherwise you may overdo it and ache like crazy for a few days afterwards or worse rupture something! So for those who simply want to clean themselves out a little; Detox…
Detox is produced by Yogi Tea (no, not the bear who steals sandwiches in the Hanna-Barbera cartoons from way-back-when, and Boo-Boo isn’t a silent partner). Situated in Hamburg Yogi Tea produces a range of healthy sounding teas, which I’ll be looking further into over the next few months. This Detox seemed a great place to start in January. I can’t stop snacking (for the blog’s sake, of course), and I do go to the gym a lot to try to compensate, however, I can try to clean myself out a little with this Ayurvedic Herb and Spice Infusion, with liquorice, dandelion, and cinnamon. It contains ingredients that ‘stimulate digestion’ and ‘help detoxify’, which I’m hoping doesn’t mean acts like a laxative! The last time I mistakenly had some Chinese herbal tea concoction one January I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a downwards motion before, and for several days from one cup of tea too!

There was a lightly spiced smell to the teabag, with hints of cinnamon, ginger, liquorice, cardamom and cloves. I left it to brew in freshly boiled water for just over the suggested six minutes. I have to admit once steeped this tea gave me the willies! To me it smelt mainly of cardamom, with a little cloves, a touch of cinnamon and a soupçon (yes, I said ‘soupçon’) of ginger. In other words it smelt a little bit like old unused carpet. Rather bizarrely on taste there was a touch of mixed spices to start with which was quickly replaced by sweet liquorice with a touch of spicy heat from the cinnamon and ginger. I’ve never been a fan of solid liquorice always picking off the sweet bits from Liquorice Allsorts! However this drink is really nice. I wouldn’t recommend adding sugar in it though as it gets pretty sweet towards the aftertaste. I'm just glad that this mug of tea didn't have the same affect as the last detox tea I tried…

Information on the box;
17 teabag in paper envelopes. Ingredients are certified organic and included; liquorice (26%), cinnamon (17%), burdock root, ginger, dandelion (7%), fennel, anise (3%), juniper berries, coriander, cardamom, black pepper, parsley, sage, cloves, and turmeric root.

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