4 January 2018

Leftovers and Cottage Delight Apple chutney (@NLi10)

As with other years we have lots of odds and ends left after all the family festive food, and we got a gift to help us take care of it.

While it’ll take us most of a year to get through all this preserves are a welcome addition to any cupboard.

The just For Pulled Pork is a smart angle to go for, but frankly I can’t wait for the pre-chewed Pork phase to pass. I mean McDonalds got told off for selling mechanically reclaimed meat, and now it’s a big trend. I’m fine without.

This does look like a nice treat though so let’s find some regular meat to try it with.

Doesn’t look like much on the plate, but it packs a mighty punch. The hot part is nice, not overpowering but suitably picante. The smokey was less noticeable but the sweet flavour of the apple carried it through. The bites had varied texture so I’m guessing you’ll get peaks and troughs in the flavours too which is nicer than a purée or jelly.

I’ll enjoy trying the other parts of this box too (thanks mom!) but for now a spoonful or two of this can be expected to be added to every meaty meal that I eat. Lovely stuff.

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