11 January 2018

New Tonics - Sentiments & Fever Tree (Waitrose) by @NLi10

The soft drinks shelves in Waitrose are a kaleidoscope of wonder...

...well if you like tonic water like me they are!

Our favourites Fentimans and Fever Tree battle to see who can corner the luxury tonic market - which is great for me as I do love all of them equally.

This London Essence co sounds really nice, but they only had the multipacks that I saw which was not suitable for a quick sample

I had to settle for an ice cold Madagascan Cola which wasn't as potent as I'd imagined but was a lovely deep flavoured cola for sipping at home.

I also took the opportunity to crack open another bottle of the divine Mediterranean Orange topic water which is like a mix between the Orange Jigger and the original tonics from Fentimans.

I mean - one day maybe I'll use these as intended and mix them with premium spirits, but some soft drinks are just too good to contaminate that way!

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