7 January 2018

Mono Green Dinner- Gnocchi & Avoccado (@Waitrose) by @NLi10 MTG

While on an epic trip around Waitrose (The Most Dangerous Supermarket On Earth! well for impulse buys) I spotted these green Gnocchi.  As a big fan of the unusual potato dumpling (mainly because they cook almost instantly) I had to pick these up.

My partner added some avocado smash to the basket and a meal was born!

Must review those caramel stars at some point too.

Ok - so there is a splash of red with the tomoato coated Fry's vegan strips but it's a mostly green meal with no actual veggies added.  It almost looks artistic!

I think I'd overcooked the gnocchi just a touch so some were a little too soft, but the quality was amazing and the spinach flavour came through.  Do bare in mind that these were not vegan though so you may need to look for alternatives here.  The avocado wasn't as good as home-made but was pretty close and we certainly managed more than the decorative scoop I added here.

A nice quick week-day dinner and a healthy way to start the new year.

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