23 January 2018

Smarties Mini Eggs - New Orange Edition (WH Smiths) By @Cinabar

It is a well known phenomena (do-doo-do-do-do) amongst chocolate fans that orange Smarties taste of orange. All the other Smarties in a regular tube are just milk chocolate, well currently. There are whisperings that other Smarties in years gone by used to have some flavours, but the orange ones are the only ones I ever remember ever being different. Weirdly Smarties don’t really promote the fact the orange ones are orangey very much, you just discover it when you try them, and then they become everyone’s favourite. Unless you are weird and don’t like orange chocolate I suppose.

I was pleased to see these new Easter Smarties Mini Eggs chocolates are available in a just orange edition and have all the orangey flavour goodness you would expect. The Smarties Mini Eggs are small egg shaped chocolates, with bright orange shells. They are a bit tougher to bite on that regular Smarties, but this is only because of their size and the increase in the thickness of chocolate. The orange flavour delivers a lovely sweet citrus burst, that works well with the milk chocolate. I like the crunchy texture from the shell and found they are pleasure to munch on. I’ll be having another bag or so before Easter. Also I think the Orange Smarties flavouring phenomena (do do-do do) might be out of the bag, literally.

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