17 January 2018

Emily Fruit Crisps Crunchy Red Apple (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Sticking with my healthy start to the year these Emily Fruit Crisps Crunchy Red Apple are an intriguing alternative snack. I've seen vegetable crisps before and some fruit crisps, but I can't recall seeing red apple crisps. It says "Crunchy Red Apple" on the front, but on shaking the bag it sounded a little bit like shaking a bag of loose Lego. However on opening there was a sweet smell of red apple and a little palm oil. The small slices of baked apple crisps were not oily to the touch though and were sweet and not overly crunchy. In fact after a couple of crunches they melted in my mouth. If ever there was a sweet pudding crisp this is it. They feel healthy when eating them because they taste of sweet red apple. They're like a crunchy baked apple pudding, without the custard, well unless you want to try them in a bowl with custard all over them… I don't know, it sounds weird, but it could probably work. Or maybe ice cream if you're feeling wicked or cold plain yoghurt if you're not. The fact is even though they seem quite high on sugar content and calories, these Emily Fruit Crisps Crunchy Red Apple certainly feel like the most healthy crisps I've ever eaten. Not to mention very tasty, but I wouldn't recommend eating them with a sandwich, with pickled onions, cheese and a cutup tomato on the side. Maybe save these fruit crisps for pudding afters…?

Information on the packet;
The 30g packet has 124 calories, with 1.2g of fat, 19.2g of sugar, and less than 0.1g of fat. The only ingredients are apple and RSPO-sustainable palm oil (no Lego).

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