15 January 2018

Heat & Eat Crisps: Cheese and Chive (Fairfields Farm) By @Cinabar

So there are some new crisps out from Fairfields Farm, and these ones are hot crisps. I don’t mean an intense level of chilli, I mean temperature hot, they are Heat and Eat. This is a curious idea, but one I was happy to give a try. Looking at the pack it showed that the bag should be torn open sideways, and then they are ready to cook, and the packet becomes a makeshift bowl. Inside the bag there is also a dip which I fished out prior to heating. The bag recommends microwaving them for 30 seconds before eating, which I did and it was only then that I realised I couldn’t see any foil like covering on the inside of the pack.

I kept an eye on the crisps as they were cooking, and they came out nice and warm. We sat down to share them with the dip, I found I did rather like having the crisps heated up. It added a nice soothing level on a col Winter’s evening. As we tend to pick at crisps while watching the TV they did cool down fairly quickly, and soon went back to room temperature. I found the dip to be fantastic, it was an onion relish, and the cheese and chive crisps went with it perfectly. The cheese flavour of the crisps had a good strength and the onion relish was a treat that we scraped out as we ate. Spectre always has dip with crisps, albeit usually salad cream (really). I’m sold on the idea of these crisps, and will heat the other bag we received too, they were ready salted but with a salsa dip. Incidentally the bag does state you can just eat them cold if you want too.

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