9 January 2018

The Signature Collection: The Spicy Burger (McDonalds) By @Cinabar

I mentioned yesterday that I have recently moved house. Now I’m back at work, and spending the evenings unpacking boxes, we have started eating more takeaways than usual. I’m not complaining on this, I love takeaways, but we are trying to mix it up a bit. I actually haven't had McDonalds for a while so we thought we'd have a look and see if there was anything new on the menu. On the board behind the counter The Signature Collection: The Spicy Burger kept flashing up, so I decided to give it the taste test.
This burger came in a brioche bun, and is layered with jalapeƱos, pepper jack cheese, spicy mayo, relish and salad. I tucked in and loved the flavour, it was warm, and hot when you caught a jalapeƱo, but not uncomfortably so. I loved the spice from the burger relish, but that you could still taste the meatiness of the beef, it felt rather satisfying. The salad added a nice mix of textures, with crispy lettuce, and the meal went down a treat. I know I might be eating more fast food than I should at the minute, but McDonalds Signature collection has reminded me I should keep them on the options list when I’m choosing a quick and easy meal.

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