5 January 2018

Quaker Oats Fruit & Oat Squeeze: Red Fruits (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

I am always looking for things I can have for breakfast at my desk, that will fill me up to lunch time. I usually go for a simple cereal bar, or as it has been cold recently an instant porridge sachet. When I was shopping in Waitrose this drink caught my eye, and so I bought one to take to work. It is called a Fruit and Oat Squeeze and is made by porridge specialists Quaker Oats.
The first instruction on the packet of this drink, well porridge drink, is to shake well. Given it feels like quite thick contents shaking didn’t seem to be having much of an impact. I decided to squeeze the pack a bit to help mix it up. I unscrewed the top and gave it a taste test. Before I come to the flavour let me talk about texture, it is thick and has the feeling of a thick porridge, which for reasons I’m not sure about I didn’t quite like in this format. I don’t think it was because it was cold, as I’ve even overnight oats before and not been bothered about the temperature, but there was something in this squeezy cold porridge format that meant I didn’t get on with the texture. I think I got the thought of baby food in my head, and couldn’t get passed it! It is a shame because the flavour actually works quite well. It has a yoghurt tang, and surprisingly sharp berry flavour which gives it a nice juicy taste. I liked the acidic raspberry taste, and the hint of strawberry worked well with it too. It also kept me full to lunch time, which is a bonus, it stopped me from raiding the works chocolate tin! Having said that I still prefer instant porridge, besides it is warming in this cold weather.

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Anonymous said...

I tried the Blueberry, it was very - pleasantly - sharp but the texture and look of this product is dreadful. It looks nasty when squeezed into a cup, purple, butchered worms come to mind and the feel is 'baby puree'. How it got onto the market I don't know, all these products have a 'test' consumer. No one tested this. Big thumbs down! :(