29 January 2018

Robinson Raspberry, Rhubarb and Orange Blossom Fruit Cordial (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

In my quest for a new soft drink I picked up my next bottle of new cordial, this time a Robinsons, with Raspberry, Rhubarb and Orange Blossom. I previously tried a Pear, Blackcurrant and Cherry cordial also from Robinsons, but didn’t think it had the right fruit balance for me. I wanted more pear in that combination. For this drink, it was the attraction of the rhubarb that made me pick up the bottle, I love rhubarb crumble so had high hopes. When I did pick it up I realised it was a glass bottle too, so it was obviously quite posh, well I was in Waitrose!
Once home I decided to try it out. Although I poured a hefty portion into the glass before topping it up with water, the colour was very pale. The taste was lovely and strong though, and there was plenty of yummy zingy rhubarb which I was very pleased with. The raspberry was the next flavour, and I really enjoyed the berry taste. There was a subtle hint of citrus from the orange blossom, but for me this drink was all about the tangy rhubarb. I was too sweet either, it was all about the fruit. If you enjoyed rhubarb and custard sweets then I’d heartily recommend giving this Raspberry, Rhubarb and Orange Blossom Cordial from Robinsons a try. It is my current favourite soft drink.

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