6 January 2018

Lerwick IPA Beer (Asda) By @SpectreUK

This Lerwick Indian Pale Ale was produced by the Lerwick Brewery in the capital of the Shetland Isles. I don't think I've ever had a beer from the Shetland Isles before, so this will be a new experience. Whenever I see the Shetland Isles in travel programmes they look pretty sunny, windy, but cheerful. Lerwick has an old harbour filled with new boats, and a mix of old and new buildings. The Lerwick Brewery have produced a traditional IPA here with a modern twist to celebrate its birth place.

On opening this 5% volume Indian Pale Ale there was the usual pale malt smell, with a touch of citrus hop, but also a strong aroma of Amber Ale, which confused me a little. On pouring this Pale Ale it is more amber in colour than pale. It suggests American Hops were used in the brewing giving it a light citrusy smell, however on first taste there is of course the pale malt, then a sweetness which is probably from crystal malt, followed by a hint of citrus bitterness from the hops and a roasted barley flavour into the aftertaste. In fact this could be considered as more of an American IPA or American Brown Ale from right on our doorstep, well several hundred miles away in Lerwick. The fact it was such a downright tasty Lerwick IPA felt like an honour to be drinking it!

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