12 January 2018

Dresden Stollen (Germany) By @Cinabar

The Christmas decorations may well all be tidied away, but I still have lovely foods in the Foodstuff Finds store cupboard from the season. This particular Christmas Stollen came from Germany, via my dad who was visiting there recently. It is quite stunningly packaged in a beautiful tin, which is certainly a keepsake. I opened up the tin and found a huge Stollen, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed in a bag, all ready to get stuck into.

We carefully took the Dresden Stollen cake out of it's packaging, and tried to avoid the icing sugar spilling, as it was very generously dusted. We cut some slices and shared out the cake. Looking at the cake there was a good generous supply of fruit and nut mixed in, and this was reflected in the taste too. I was pleasantly surprised at how moist the cake was, and the combination of fruit and nut gave the cake great texture and flavour. It was sweet, the nut flavour was delicate, and the added fruit gave a richer tone. The texture wasn’t too heavy, and I found one slice was a very decent portion. I wrapped the rest of the cake, and put it back in its tin for safe keeping, content with the fact that I could hang on to the flavours of Christmas for a little while longer. Thanks dad for giving us this fab cake. :-)

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