19 January 2018

Twinings Little India Chai Nespresso Tea (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Having just moved we have bought a few new gadgets for the house, one of which was a Nespresso maker. We just got a small one and I immediately popped down to the supermarket to see what capsules where available. The official ones only seem to be for sale online, but I was quite pleased with the choices in the shop. I picked up a couple of different coffees to try, and then this Twinings Tea caught my eye, Chai is probably my favourite flavour of tea and I couldn’t resist these Little India Chai Nespresso Tea pods. My first test of the Nespresso machine were the coffee, as that is the intended function, but for my third cup I went on to try this Chai tea.

I popped the pod in, pressed the lungo button and watched as water dripped through. I was confused by this, and took a closer look at the pods, turns out they have a protective cover on that needs removing first, d’oh, which the coffee ones didn’t have. In reality this confusion and annoyance lasted several minutes before the penny dropped. So I tried a second pod with the plastic peeled away, and managed to brew myself a nice tea, to which I added some milk and sugar. Shame to have lost a capsule though, but it wasn’t very obvious what you needed to do.
The flavour of the tea was actually impressive, it was a very warming drink with plenty of cinnamon which is my favourite spice. The black tea flavour was still present and the milk and sugar set it off perfectly. This was a good mug of Chai, but to be fair it wasn’t that dissimilar to the Chai teabags I can buy, so there was less to gain from these pods. The coffee from the Nespresso beats any instant coffee by miles, so I think that is the type of pod we will be buying in the future.

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