25 January 2018

Principe Chocolate - but how do I get my PlayMobil Prince? (@NLi10)

In the UK we can get hold of some of the top brands for Euro snacks, but we don’t get 5e depth of 5he range. Here is a good example. We get HIT biscuits which are practically layers of biscuit on top of a lovely filling, but we don’t get Principe (well not unless the import shop is really on its Game).

This mainly caught ,y eye because of the cool offer. How do I get my PlayMobil Prince? Is he in the packet?!


We know he’s limited edition. But surely there is a way to claim him to a UK address legally.

So we check on the website...

Terminado?! My Spanish isn’t great but that sounds like we aren’t getting one.

Sad face.

At least we have biscuits! And they open in a very useful way - about a third down the packet there is a resealable hole that you can slide them out of easily.

And they are good biscuits, maybe more chocolatey than your standard HIT and not as crumbly, but a pretty good addition to the biscuit class.

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