28 January 2018

Mel - Vegan cafes in tenerife (@NLi10)

When you think of Tenerife you think of imitation everything and lots of drinking - turns out there are vegan cafes too!

As Mel is a persons name in England I’ll assume that they started this small group of shops.

There are at least four - and as you see you can make your own juice choices.

And your own burgers and hotdogs

I had an avocado and banana hotdog with all the bits - and a lemon and pineapple juice which was probably not a wise mix as it was fairly potent!

Here we see the selected spinach sausage inside. Amazing flavours, fresh and full of nutrition - this is what every tourist destination needs as a break from the hotel buffet. And this was the only main meal we paid for outside of the hotel (we did have a big Italian lunch one day)

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