21 January 2018

Sky tomatoes - does tomato juice taste nicer in flight? (@NLi10)

Recently I saw on a news program a tiny bit mentioning that the umami effect for food was stronger on airplanes, and that this made tomato juice taste stronger. So let’s try it out.

Jet 2 were happy (if not a little confused) to sell me a can of premixed tomato juice ready for a cocktail, but without the vodka.

It has a few things in that may make the taste a little more umami, but as someone who used to enjoy a Bloody Mary I’m used to the flavour - even if it has been some time.

It looks a bit mad on the plane - like I’ve forgotten my spaghetti - but it’s easy enough to try! 

And unsurprisingly it works. It just pops a little more, it’s like the sweetest and saltiest tomato juice ever. Now, science doesn’t really know whether it’s the altitude or the noise of the plane that weakens our other taste receptors but it’s quite a handy fact to have in your back pocket. If you can get Japanese food, or tomato based food on the plane it’ll probably surprise you with its flavour compared to the standard non flying food that you tend to order.

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