14 January 2018

Pawsecco - Prosecco for Pets... (Pets At Home) by @NLi10

It's fun to buy silly little presents for people with pets, here we have one such item. Prosecco is popular, people like to treat their animals - so why not make something that pets can enjoy that looks a little bit like Prosecco?

It's essentially a food supplement - something to make the biscuits a bit more exciting, or to make the meat float.  I haven't reviewed the cat soup properly yet (soup for cats, not soup with cat in it) but they do like that so I was fairly hopeful.

It's not alcoholic or fizzy, is grape free and is essentially Elderflower and a few other natural ingredients as an infused, flavoured water designed with an appealing smell for domesticated animals.

Duchess is the choosiest of all cats.  There was no real surprise when she ignored the red juice and went for the biscuits without.  I moved a few into the sauce too, she didn't care.

Mabel is the greedy cat.  She ate as many of the dry biscuits as she could get as these were not her usual food and she quite likes them.  She didn't touch the sauce.

Luna is not very picky.  She is the cat who finishes everyone elses dinners off - even if they have been out all day.  She didn't seem that interested in the sauce by itself but did eat the soaked biscuits and wasn't put off by their unusual smell.

And it does have an unusual smell, it's like someone put fruit cordial in some dilute vinegar.

It doesn't say that its harmful to humans so I tried some.  The smell is a lot worse than the very bland taste.  There is no sweetness (because that's bad for cats) and only a little fruitiness - the Lingon berry taste from the IKEA cordial is there, but not much else.  I think that I would struggle to take a second sip, but that it wasn't as acrid as I'd assumed.

So - one of the cats will consume it if the food is contaminated (so far no one has eaten the flakes of wet cat food that are floating in it like soup).

If you know me and want to borrow this to try on your cats or dogs then let me know - I'd be interested to see what happens.  Otherwise one of the branches of the family that has too many animals may be getting this regifted!

Who knows, just like the real thing maybe the cats that didn't enjoy it at first will develop a large glass a night habit after a long day at work!

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