3 February 2018

Chimera India Pale Lager (Sainsburys @drygate) By @SpectreUK

In Greek Mythology a Chimera was a fire-breathing monster with a lion's head, goat's body and serpent's tail. This monster was typically female, which matches with the front of the can of this Chimera India Pale Lager from the Drygate Brewing Company. Chimera also means an illusion or fantasy, which could also go some way to explain the craziness on the front of the can. At 5.9% volume this lager has been described using words such as "clean", "crisp" and "bright". The brewer used American hops for tropical fruitiness and orange citrus flavours, which should go nicely with my fishy dinner. I only hope it doesn't blow me up like some of the regular pub lagers that are drunk and burped by the dozen.

Fortunately there was no crazy fizzy bubbled over the rim lager lost when I opened the can. There was indeed a tropical fruity citrus smell. This lager smells like summer in a far off land, which makes a change from looking out into the dark dreary weather here. On taste this India Pale Lager is overflowing with tropical fruitiness from the get-go. The citrus blast from the American hops practically leaped into my mouth with enthusiasm. This is a very excitable beer to be around, not too fizzy to blow me up like a balloon, but in flavour it's a lager that begs for sunshine and fishy meals next to a hot sandy beach with a sparkling Caribbean sea as your backdrop. This is a cheerful lager that brought the illusion of Summer into my living room with it's tropical fruity start, undertones of orange citrus flavour, and a touch of sweet malted barley to finish off with. So kick back, find a deck chair and never mind the icy rain.

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