5 February 2018

Limited Edition Orange Daim Bar (PoundLand) By @Cinabar

Although Daim bars are fairly easy to get hold of in the UK, the Limited Edition flavours rarely make it onto UK shelves. You can sometimes find them in Ikea, but they can be quite pricey in there. This Foodstuff Find came from the wonderfully well priced £1 in Poundland for a multipack of three, awesome!

The bars are in a bright orange pack, and do state Limited Edition, without giving much of a clue as to how long they are available, hence I bought two multipacks! Inside each pack are three individually wrapped bars. The chocolate bar is fairly flat and consists of a crunchy almond cracknel coated in a fairly thick milk chocolate, flavoured with orange. The minute I opened up the wrapper I could smell the sweet orange essence and new this was going to be a good version of the chocolate bar. I had forgotten how lovely the texture is on a Daim bar, the centre is brittle, crunchy and the it turns slightly chewy as you eat it, and all of this is wrapped in creamy milk chocolate. The flavour is a lovely mix of chocolate and orange, it is sweet and full of citrus. You can still taste the almond and caramel cracknel and the flavours mingle together perfectly. I loved the playful textures too and am rather pleased with myself that I’d stocked up.

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