9 February 2018

New Cadbury Freddo Biscuits (@Morrisons) By @Cinabar

If you are buying a Cadbury Freddo product, I’m guessing it is because of the cuteness of Freddo the frog. The brand Freddo has quite a few edible chocolate goodies, but I’m not really sure where the frog originated, was there are a cartoon at some point I missed? Anyway for me it was the obvious “new” label that encouraged me to purchase them, from there they jumped into my basket.
To be honest these Cadbury Freddo Biscuits are quite plain in terms of newness, they consist of a neutral biscuit coated in chocolate. The flavour is fine, the biscuit has a nice creamy edge, but with a hint of wheat flavour. The chocolate if fine, as you would expect from Cadbury, and adds a lovely cocoa sweetness. The texture was good too, they are fairly firm and have a nice crispy crunch. They hold together well for dunking. The biscuits are difficult not to like, but I was struggling to love them, because they didn’t add anything new for me. If I’m honest I wasn’t particularly keen on the Freddo element either, I didn’t think this particular version of him embedded into the biscuit showed his best side, the picture on the back looked like a cross between Freddo and Jabba the Hut. Oh well, tasty enough biscuits all the same.

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