26 February 2018

Coffee-mate Creamy Chocolate (Import) By @Cinabar

I have given up on milk at work. It strikes me that milk at work is a sure fire way to cause an argument. At my previous place of work our shared milk started disappearing at an amazing rate, we went from needing one or two bottles a week to needing four. When we investigated it turned out everyone took milk from our bottle, other staff, even the cleaners. That was when I started using Coffeemate, because I could store it on my desk where I could keep an eye on it.
Now Coffeemate in the UK pretty much has two versions, full fat and low fat, and that is where the product range comes to an end. I heard that this was a different matter in America and that there was a range of flavours! Thankfully these are stocked by Amazon in the UK so I ordered myself a tub of this Coffeemate Creamy Chocolate, despite it being a little pricey. Once it arrived I put the kettle on. As per the regular Coffeemate you need to add it to coffee, and for the ratio I added one teaspoon of coffee and one heaped teaspoon of Coffeemate Creamy Chocolate into my mug. Others may prefer a milkier cup but you can just add more. I have to say the flavour was pretty special, I’m not sure what I was expecting but the taste was just the right level of sweetness, and plenty of cocoa that mixed with the coffee like a dream. It was like an instant mocha, with just the right level of chocolatey goodness, allowing the coffee to shine through too. Now I may have opened this at home, and realised after tasting it how good it is that I actually need a tub for here, so I had to go back to Amazon to order a second tub for work, but that just shows you how much I liked the stuff. I also ordered the French Vanilla, if it half as good at the Creamy Chocolate I’ll be over the moon.


D said...

I used to buy the liquid one pot creamers in the states in the variety, with all the cool flavours. i thikn they must contain some sort of frowned upon ingredient for them to not be available here. i bought the hazelnut powdered version but not impressed. it doesnt dissolve well and has a weird aftertaste :-(

D said...

I bought a reduced bottle of the liquid creamer from American Fizz - hazelnut and its better than the powered ones (it only has to be kept in the fridge once you open it). I also ordered some of the single serve flavoured ones from https://auntieammiescandy.com (i think it was there) - that might suit your 'milk thief' office better. the liquid ones seem to blend so much better.

i agree with you on milk. i dont drink a lot of coffee at work but if i do, i usually have it black - there are no arguments really in this office but LOTS of waste.

auntie ammies seems to have the best price on US cereals than a lot of other import sites - but i generally shop around to find the best deal - i've used candy hero the most i think. clearance sales are my crack i think haha

cinabar said...

I may have to give the hazelnut a try, and see p it for home then.
On the American cereals, and indeed American candy, B&M are worth keeping an eye on as they get some real bargains.