18 February 2018

Import Snacks in Spain, but from other places - feat. MilkyWay Midnight (@NLi10)

Tenerife has sweet shops because tourists like eating sweets, and tourists like taking sweets home as presents.  All of these shops were really quite dull and with the hotel buffet being the source of 2/3 of all my meals I was worried that I'd have nothing to review.

Then we spotted this unassuming place.  We almost didn't bother going in!

The only clue that it's a bit out of the ordinary was a sign outside that had American and English oddities on it.

Inside the shelves are sparcely stocked but with some of the best and most exciting things from around the world.  I ignored the wide selection of English stuff and got just over 5 Euro of wonderful things to try.

Milky Way Midnight Dark - USA

This is a fascinating little idea.  In Britain Milky Way is marketed as a treat for 4-8 year olds that won't stop them eating their dinner too.  This is a MilkyWay for the Dads.

The chocolate on the outside is devilishly dark, and is closer to a Green & Blacks than any American chocolate should dare.  The inner is fluffy and white and far too sweet for my English taste-buds, but with the dark choc surrounding it - it gets away with it.  The caramel, which could easily have been a throw away layer, is luxurious and slightly burnt.

One of the nicest American bars I've ever had the pleasure to try and even at around 2 Euros for the import version actually worth the money.  If I'd not waited til we got back to try these I'd have picked up a spare for you. As it is, you'll have to find your own.

Alpella Wafer Hills - Turkey

Looking to make the most out of my Euros and to grab as many things that I'd never see again I went for this bar, which appears to be in the same family as the Kinder Bueno.  It's twice as long as the Milky Way, but at 42g about the same weight.  I think it was about a Euro.

Pleasingly it's stolen the Cadbury's metallic purple colour scheme - I always said someone should paint a F1 car in those colours.

Interestingly it has the import details printed on the wrapper which suggests these are designed for the Spanish.

The wafer is a bit cheap and doesn't snap as nicely as I'd like, and the Nutella style paste in the lumps isn't flavoured quite as I'd expected but it's still quite a compelling snack.  The many different ways to eat a bump at a time means it dissapears quite fast, and unlike the Milky Way is a very light bite.  More like a wafer bar in the shape of a Bueno then, and tasting more like the cheaper cremes of those I can understand why it's much better value.  Enjoyable, but not that memorable.


paulham said...

You do know that a Milky Way (USA) is just their Mars bar (or vice versa)?
In saying that, the milk chocolate one has a lovely malty taste that ours once had but was removed. They do a Simply caramel variety as well which is twice the height of the one they tried in the UK and it tastes bliss!

Anonymous said...

You probably already figured this out when trying even the dark chocolate version, but the American "Milky Way" bar is basically a Mars bar elsewhere. OUR Milky Way bars are quite similar to an American bar called 3 Musketeers ( https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8e/3-Musketeers-Broken.jpg ).

NLi10 said...

Yes - I'd spotted the similarities in layers, but its not quite the same. I've certainly had a Mars Dark for the UK recipe and will have to see if they still do them to - you know - double check... ;)

paulham said...

Alas Dark Mars are long gone. Must be due a reissue soon.
Try a Bounty dark. The chocolate is identical to the Milky Way Dark that you tried.

NLi10 said...

I have two of those on my work desk right now ;)