11 January 2020

Czech Imported Lager (Co-op) @SpectreUK

On reading the label of this Czech Imported Lager, which was produced by the Pivovary Staropramen brewery, in the Czech Republic, I was amused that the 500ml bottle was stated as two servings. I was reminded of a scene in the Lord of the Rings where one Hobbit says to another, "what's that?" with the reply of, "it's a pint," to the shock response of; "they come in pints!! I'm going to have one!" Personally I have serval favourite pint glasses now, so I'm going to drink this as a full pint too! Besides I've been to the gym and have probably already worked off the rather high 210 calories this lager is offering!

The label also states that this 5% volume Czech Premium Lager was brewed in the 'home of pilsner', is straw coloured, and has a hoppy bitter finish. The label suggests drinking this lager with meaty dishes such as barbecue ribs, but I'm opting for scampi and chips… Although I may crack open a bottle of barbecue sauce to humour the label. On pouring I'd say that this Czech Imported Lager is more of a deep shining golden colour, not too bubbly, and oh, my…. it tastes good! I'm not much of a lager drinker, mainly because I can rarely find a good one that isn't mass produced belly burping fizzy lager. This Czech Imported Lager is crisp and fresh, bursting with the flavour of pilsner with a light crisp herbal hoppy bitterness into the aftertaste. Gosh, I'm going to have to get some regular bottles of this Czech Premium Lager!

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