14 January 2020

Mr Kipling Reduced Sugar Chocolate Slices (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

I did feel it was about time I reviewed something that has been flagged as being “healthier” this January. Everyone seems to be cutting back at the minute and Mr Kipling has followed suit and introduced these Reduced Sugar Chocolate Slices. The first thing I noted was that these bars are individually wrapped, which is useful for lunch boxes but not great on plastic use.
To be honest these cakes looked very much like the regular edition of Mr Kipling Chocolate Slices, they have a folded sponge base and a drizzle of chocolate icing. The flavour and texture is very similar too. They are soft and easy to eat, the chocolate flavour is well balanced and sweet. I was impressed. These tasted very much like the originals only with a significant reduction in sugar. Then I made the mistake at looking at the packaging of the regular version and the bubble for these Mr Kipling Reduced Sugar Chocolate Slices burst. This box cost £1 as an introductory offer, which means they will go up in price. Reduced sugar should be cheaper, but that wasn’t what was bothering me. My £1 bought me 6 cake bars at 24g each, the normal version are £1 and have 6 bars at 32g. Effectively it feels like they charged the same and simply reduced the amount of cake, then focused on the reduction of sugar element. “Reduced amount of cake in the box for same money” probably wouldn’t have been a selling point. These are okay for portion control but it did feel a bit disappointing at the end.

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