18 January 2020

Naranjito Orange Pale Ale (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

I'm hoping that you haven't missed the boat with this limited release Naranjito orange pale ale, but it has been languishing at the back of my beer fridge for quite some time. It's not that I've been avoiding it, as I usually love orange peel added to pale ale, especially washing down a tuna sandwich after a stint at the gym. The problem is that often the more beers that get bought and placed at the front of the fridge push everything else to the back. Such is life, I guess, sometimes you need to stop and sort things out a bit. That's often what the New Year can bring…

This 4.5% volume Naranjito orange pale ale was produced by Brooklyn brewery in New York. The can is slightly larger than the 330ml that we are used to at 355ml, but that just means more beer for me! On opening the can there was a strong herbal hoppy smell to start with, which confused me a little as I was expecting more citrus hops than herbal. There was also orange peel at the back of the aroma. This golden pale ale bubbled excitedly away in my beer glass. On taste the herbal hops washed around my mouth full of bite, with the orange peel poking through the flavour just before the sweet pale malt, which seemed to dance a merry jig around my tastebuds and into the aftertaste. This is quite a complex beer with its initial fresh crisp bitterness followed by its sweet malts. Very tasty indeed, and such shame it's a limited release!

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