8 January 2020

Broccoli Crisps (@DegustaboxUK) By @SpectreUK

Broccoli Crisps

I must admit that I have mixed feelings about the three flavours of Broccoli Crisps that Degusta very kindly sent to me to try from the Growers Garden, of The Farmers Collective. I know I often strive to find alternative snacks to crisps and nuts, mainly because for dietary reasons I can't eat nuts anymore, and there's always something to try that isn't just crisps. However, Broccoli Crisps?

After the excess of Christmas this is supposed to be the healthy time of the year, where many people join gyms and try to lose a little fat, well at least for a while until they break their New Year's Resolutions. Broccoli is high in protein and fibre, and has lots of vitamins and minerals. I noticed on the three packets that almost 30% of these crisps are broccoli so they are not completely alternative but are healthy(ish) crisps!

The three flavours I have been sent are Broccoli Crisps, which are a plain flavour, I guess; Broccoli Crisps with Cheese; I'm not going to explain that one; and also Broccoli Crisps with Chilli, likewise. I'm mainly interested in the Chilli flavoured Broccoli Crisps, but I'll eat the plain flavour and cheese flavour first and let you know how they taste before I move onto the possibly hotter version.

Broccoli Crisps

On opening the plain flavoured Broccoli Crisps there was a rounded popadom look about the part broccoli part potato crisps inside. These are very crunchy crisps and have a very definite broccoli flavour to them. They were certainly flavoursome, but you really have to like broccoli to eat them. Trouble is that I thought I like broccoli more than I actually do!

Broccoli Crisps

The cheese flavour Broccoli Crisps had a strong cheesy smell on opening and were actually very tasty. The cheese didn't overpower the broccoli, but seemed to work well with the flavour instead.

Broccoli Crisps

So, the last but not least flavour was Broccoli Crisps with Chilli. On opening the packet I could smell a mixture of chilli and broccoli from the red tinted rounded crisps inside. On taste the vegetable flavour of the chilli seemed to work well with the vegetable flavour of the broccoli, bizarrely well in fact. The chilli had quite a burn to it and left my mouth tingling after a few crisps. Out of the three flavours I'd probably buy the chilli flavour the most, with the plain flavour the least. Plus the chilli flavour was the only crisps that didn't leave me with 'Broccoli Breath" breath by the end of the packet!

Information on the Chilli flavour's packet;
The 22g bag had 96 calories, with 3.25g of fat, 0.35g of sugar, and 0.4g of salt. Ingredients included; Fresh broccoli (27%), potato flakes, rapeseed oil, potato starch, flavouring (6%), salt, spinach powder, vegetable oil, and pea fibre.

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