4 January 2020

St. Stefanus Blanche Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

St. Stefanus Blanche Beer

First Saturday beer of the year and I thought I'd take a trip into the distant past. St. Stefanus beer first started to be produced by the Augustinian monks in 1295 in Ghent, in Belgium. I'm sure I've had St. Stefanus beer before, as I recognise the bottle, but I haven't seen this Blanche wheat beer though. It was brewed with coriander and orange peel, and was left to ferment in the bottle in my beer fridge right up until the best before date. I do love beer with a little yeast in it that's been left to ferment for ages. I always leave this type of beer as long as possible before drinking.

As you may know wheat beer, and especially orange peel in beer goes very well with fishy dishes. So with my trusty tuna sandwich to hand after a good session at the gym, I finally cracked open the bottle. Popping open the 330ml bottle of this 5% volume St. Stefanus Blanche beer, there was an initial wheaty and also yeasty aroma. This cloudy bright golden beer poured with an excitable head. On taste the wheat and yeast were initially present giving way to a citrus bitterness from the hops and added orange peel, finishing with a herbal bite from the coriander into the aftertaste. This is a very flavoursome wheat beer indeed and washed my tuna sandwich down a treat!

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