14 May 2020

Tesco Chilli & Lime Nibble Mix (@NLi10)

It seems to be pub snacks week on FoodStuffFinds. For me - I’ve not really been out this week, and I have a pub party on Zoom in 30 mins so I’m getting in the mood.

We’ve had these for ages, probably a year or more, just sitting in the kitchen waiting patiently.

They are peanuts and cashews, but also soy and chilli and lime coating - not ideal for board games which involve touching the pieces. This is why they got neglected. Perfect for a nice beer though.

Here Luna majestically presides over the snacks, having already decided that they are not for cats. 

The cashews have absorbed the flavour a lot, very soft and lovely. The peanuts are un exciting. The soy is maybe a little dry, but if you go for the ones with more topping on the outside are actually the highlight.

Great for the cinema (or movies at home) as well as beer nights.  I will have to top up before the call!

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