18 May 2020

Sweet Potato Chilli and Lime Crisps (Lidl) By @Cinabar

I prefer sweet potato to fries to regular chips, there I said it. Apparently some people choose sweet potato fries as they are healthier than regular chips, they also count as one of your five a day another reason people choose them, me I simply prefer the taste. Give me a bowl of sweet potato fries, a sprinkle of salt and some mayo as a dip and I’m in heaven. Yes mayo, as I said this is not a health thing.
I was intrigued to see how they would pan out as crisps, and picked up these Sweet Potato Chilli and Lime Crisps from Lidl. We had some one lunch time. The crisps are a darker colour and are in smaller pieces than regular crisps. I tried one and found them to be a little soft, but mostly the flavour was disappointing. The lime wasn’t strong enough to cut through the sweetness. The chilli wasn’t noticeable at all, no warmth from it whatsoever which really missed the point.
The over all crisps came across as sweet, and I love that in chip form but here it didn’t work. I think regular potato crisps have nothing to worry about, these Sweet Potato Chilli and Lime Crisps were not a contender.

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