21 May 2020

A Nice Cup Of Afternoon PG Tips Tea #TeaAt3 #SolidariTea (@NLi10)

We live in confusing times.  Ordinarily promoted posts on Twitter are things that you don't want to buy, or new stuff to waste time on.

Yesterday i got one that's very very on brand for me.  See below.

So - the purpose of the advert - drinks tea at 3!  So - dutifully while working from home - I grabbed the big box of PG tips and made my partner and I a tea!

Unfortunately the shortbread tin is currently empty - well there is a war on!

I've always been a PG Tips guy (since the tea cards for unnexplained mysteries) and it's nice to see them encouraging something as simple as a nice cup of tea and a sit down.

Other teas are available for 3pm tea breaks too (we have a lot of different ones)!

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