31 May 2020

wasabi - Vegetable Gyoza (@NLi10)

Sainsbury's often have lots of fun little snacks - and here is one of those that we saved for a tasty weekend lunch.

Wasabi is an odd choice for a brand name seeing as it's free in literally every meal kit - but the branding is clean and the packaging very good so we will give them a pass.

Inside the compostable cardboard tray are 5 sweet little gyoza and a sachet of sauce.

These are veggie - and you can zip them in the microwave for a minute which makes them very lunch friendly.  The sachet oppened terribly and went everywhere, but I'd already spotted that the dressing is soy sauce mixed with rice vinegar so I made my own too.

They are still crispy after microwaving, and the veggies inside are recognisable.

And the weather was lovely so we say and ate them outside.  I'd certainly have these again and try more from the brand, but it's not exactly something you can Google to look for!

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