1 June 2020

Coca Cola Tic Tac (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

Coca Cola Tic Tac

We are quite lucky in the UK we seem to get a limited edition new variety most years from Tic Tac and some are rather creative. One of my favourites was the rather fun looking Simpsons Tic Tacs from 2018, these were bubblegum flavoured but had Bart Simpson on each sweet which was rather cool. This year we have the new Coca Cola Tic Tac made with real Coca Cola no less. In the world of Pepsi versus Coke I will always be a Coca Cola fan, just to be open and honest about this.
So these new Coca Cola Tic Tac sweets are nicely designed each one containing the logo too in red, they look quite smart, as does the packaging over all. The flavour is good too, it impressively has the classic Coca Cola flavour. They are sweet, but with a nice sour aftertaste that gives them a bit of a tangy twist. I think they recreate the cola flavour well and are a nice flavour kick. Normally these are the kind of sweets I’f have on my desk at work, but I haven’t been there for months. For now I’ve put them on the kitchen table, my new place of work, so I can still have them while updating spreadsheets.

Coca Cola Tic Tac

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Miss Shades Of Cool said...

Omg! I'm US based and finally got my hands on them! They're so amazing! The package here is bigger here though.