3 June 2020

Lentil Chips - Chilli & Lemon (Degusta) By @SpectreUK

I'm often on the lookout for alternative snacks to crisps and nuts. I like to look for different snacks from crisps for variety, and dietary requirements as I haven't been able to eat nuts and seeds for quite sometime. These Lentil Chips Chilli & Lemon flavour seem to fit the bill rather well. They are fairly low in fat and a good source of fibre, whilst being fairly high in protein, and pretty high in calories to help fix my tired muscles after my workout in the kitchen earlier.

These Lentil Chips Chilli & Lemon favour were produced for the Eat Real brand by Cofresh Snack Foods, in Leicester. That snippet of information in tiny print on the back of the packet peaked my interest. I am a keen fan of other crisps made by Cofresh and haven't been able to hunt them down in local supermarkets for quite sometime. My favourite flavour being Chilli & lemon!

On opening the bag a familiar aroma tickled my nostrils of crisps flavoured with a heap of tangy chilli and zingy lemon. On taste these crunchy orange covered tongue shaped Lentil Chips almost oozed flavour. The chilli was its usual lip-smacking medium heat, followed closely by the lemon flavour which travelled into the aftertaste with a citrus zing. The lemon flavour always complements that chilli burn rather well, leaving a simmering heat in my mouth after eating. I have a favourite chilli and lemon hot sauce too, which I frustratingly can never seem to find. Anyway, these Lentil Chips Chilli & Lemon flavour are a definite win for me, I just hope I can find some more somewhere.

Information on the packet;
The 40g bag contains 435 calories per 100g, with 14g of fat, 0g of sugar, 4.3g of fibre, 10g of protein, 3.1g of salt. Vegan friendly, and gluten free, please see photograph for the ingredients.

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