27 June 2020

La Bella Lola Beer (@barcelonabeer) By @SpectreUK

La Bella Lola Beer

This is one of those beers that I just can't remember where I bought it from. It certainly wasn't from Barcelona where it was brewed originally. However it matches the weather today (or Friday when I was drinking it) and for much of this past week… it's been a scorcher! And what better to refresh myself on a hot Friday evening then with a Mediterranean Pale Ale, brewed by the Barcelona Beer Company.

Produced with wheat and malts from Bavaria and Bohemia, which are Maris Otter and Carapils, as well as with citrus hops of Magnum, Mittelfruh, and Citra, this 4% volume blonde ale should revitalise me for a gaming evening online. We've started playing Call of Duty Warzone as a foursome, and then a threesome when one goes to bed and the rest of us pull a late one. We're not very good, however, with a little (or a lot) more practice we're slowly improving.

On cracking opening the can of this Spanish Pale Ale there was a worrying moment when the over excited beer tried to escape onto the floor. My 'lightning' gamer reactions (and my big gob) prevented any issues with spillage when I quickly shoved the opening of the can into my mouth. There was a strong bitter citrus smell to start with once the froth had died down a little, followed by the sweet malts and wheat.

On taste this overly excitable blonde ale snapped a bitter and crisp overture of citrus hops with the wheat flavour following and then sweeter malts to finish. This is definitely a refreshing sun loving beer that smacks of hot summer afternoons in the garden, and also sweltering nights in front of a cool noisy fan mopping my brow and cracking can after can open to cool my aching bones from the workout of the day and the gaming night to come. Mmm… perfection.

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