4 June 2020

Off The Eaten Path - Rice & Seaweed Crispy Curls - basically veggie 'prawn' crackers! (@NLi10)

Seaweed as food is somewhat of an acquired taste.  I've gone out of my way to try it on many occasions - but these were bought for me.

Reduced is a great time to try things, and these certainly took a bit of effort to want to try!

Suitable for vegetarians (I guess the seaweed flavour might put some off) and actually reasonably healthy - these are a good substitute for Prawn crackers (which often are just rice anyway).

They don't look like that much, and the texture is a slightly courser prawn cracker (closer to the Thai crackers without the spice - hey - I just invented a new flavour variety for you!).  The sea-side flavour is there as a hint, but not so much it bothered me and the overall flavour is really rich and deep.  I need to cook or get delivered some Oriental flavours to really appreciate these instead of just as a snack in a bowl.

If these were an option on the restaurant menu instead of the usual crackers - I think I'd chose these.  They are just more interesting than most oriental crackers - although with the mixed spices of the Thai versions they could possibly be even better.

Well worth full price.

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