19 June 2020

Pink and White Popdots (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

Pink and White Popdots

I like to think I follow the snacking trends, I like to think I do quite well to keep up. I was in the Co-Op picking up a few essentials when I saw these Popdots in the bakery section and I thought I have no idea what they are, I’ll get a bag. The bag made me feel inadequate in order to explain what they were it clarified by saying “bite sized authentic dots”, I was no wiser. I had to google when I got home! So apparently a Popdot is a mini doughnut, sort of a tongue in cheek the centre of the ring doughnuts, iced and sold.

These ones are flavoured with Strawberries and Cream and are covered in pink icing and topped with red and white sprinkles. The icing is soft, but the sprinkles add a nice bit of crunch to the texture. The doughnut itself is very soft and spongey, just like a nice doughnut. The strawberry flavour is quite mild, I think it was just in the icing, but it added a nice hint.

I think these Pink and White Popdots are fun and a nice doughnut style snack. The icing works well, and I’ll certainly go back for another bag next time I’m in, I think they had other flavours.

Pink and White Popdots


Anonymous said...

Just tried the white chocolate and caramel ones for the first time (also from Co-op) and also had to google them because I'd never heard of them and came across your post! I think I will try this flavour next :)

Unknown said...

When are co-op going to have more of these please?

cinabar said...

My Co-Op had some when I was last in, on a stand by the door. I hope they stay around for a while.

Anonymous said...

Just bought 2 packets of the Popdots strawberry sensation … there was no filling in a single one of them.

Anonymous said...

Just had some of these with the grandchildren very yummy isn't supposed to be a filling in them.