12 June 2020

Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea (Sainsbury's) By @Cinabar

Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea

I may have put together my online order over a week ago before it finally arrived. This meant that I made the order when the weather was sunnier, I bought ice cream, sun lotion and iced tea. It is raining now, joy, I did not time this well. Still ice tea from the fridge is nice any time, or at least that is what I’m trying to convince myself.

I don’t know the make Harry Brompton's, but it sounds quite posh, the addition of the word London makes it sound like something they would sell abroad more than anything. The drink is a black tea blended with lemon and lime flavours, perfectly refreshing for a hot day. The drink is quite a dark colour and it is quite a strong tea flavour too. There is plenty of lemon and I enjoyed the citrus flavour, there is some sweetness but not enough to over power the sharpness of the fruit.

I think this would be a lovely drink to have in the back garden on a sunny day with a barbecue. I’m enjoying it inside, keeping warm, next to the radiator. Got to love the British weather. Now where did I put that ice cream?

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