8 June 2020

Walkers American Hot Pizza Crisps (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Walkers American Hot Pizza Crisps

Gosh it is nice to see a new flavour of crisps on the shelves, and these sound quite exciting too. They have been inspired by a favourite meal out of mine, I present Walkers American Hot Pizza Crisps. I like pizza, I look forward to getting a pizza be it takeaway for from the oven and I like crisps, so these sounded perfect for me.

The crisps are the usual Walkers texture, quite thinly cut but this works well for them. They are covered in a paprika coloured seasoning too. The flavour works very well, there are a lot of Italian herbs in the flavour, which follows a rich meatiness with a little spice. That will be the paprika shining through and perhaps a touch of chilli, but they aren’t too hot overall. They are meaty and flavoursome and I found myself rather enjoying the Italian tastes, perfect for when you can’t choose between pizza and crisps, have both.

I’ve heard there are other takeaway flavours available too which I’m keeping my eye out for, so looking forward to the Nando’s Chicken crisps. 

Walkers American Hot Pizza Crisps

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