25 June 2020

Delirium - Belgian Strong Beer - Pink Elephants On Parade (@NLi10)

I love Belgian Beer so my partner picks them up for me occasionally.  i don't think she knows how much Pink Elephants On Parade from Dumbo traumatised us all as children...

This doesn't feel like an image I want imprinted in my head when I'm drinking something 'strong'

8.5% is pretty strong I guess. I used to drink spirits more than beer so I can't really tell.  I only had a half bottle anyway.

Mainly because that is the size of my glass though.  I'll finish it off tonight - in this heat it's important to stay hydrated.

A strong but smooth Belgian beer, a little more hoppy than I'd like, but not unpleasant.  Goes very well with a nice steak I'd expect.  I had it with peanut burgers though and it still worked well.

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