18 June 2020

Jake & Nayns' Balti Chicken Filled Naan (@NLi10)

I decided to risk Nissa for a work lunch on my one day in a week - and spotted these in the chiller.  The packaging looked a little more friendly than you'd expect and although it looked like a Pasty assured me it was authentic.

Jake and Nayn didn't however convince me to eat it cold - into the Microwave it goes!

And it looked like this!

There are bits in the bread, which isn't fresh naan quality, but much better than the Tesco naan stuff that I was given as a white child in a white neighbourhood and told it was the real deal.

It is certainly decent enough quality bread!

With rice, sauce and hunks of chicken this was actually a decent lunch.  I mean if I'd walked up Cape Hill I could have got a proper filled Naan bu I'd have paid lots more and had to wait around.  This is perfectly acceptable as a fridge-street food snack or a lunch that won't disappoint.

More thins like this - and more flavours please!

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