6 June 2020

Meantime London Lager (Co-op) By @SpectreUK

Meantime London Lager

I don't often write about lagers, mainly because I'm usually not all that keen on them. They can be a little gaseous and leave me expelling the most impressive belches. The belches are often frowned upon, especially if I giggle or when I try to make burp a tune. This London Lager was produced by the Meantime London Brewing Company, and sounds a bit too posh to leave me trying to burp the National Anthem, but we shall soon see! Besides, I'm still trying to perfect my Tusken Raider burp voice!

Anyway, at 4.5% volume East Anglian Malt and Goldings Hops were used in the brewing. On opening the bottle there was a crisp malty yeasty aroma with a light floral spiciness from the hops. This golden cheerfully fizzy lager has a sweet malt flavour to begin with, followed by an earthy floral and slightly spicy bitterness from the Goldings hops. This is a very flavoursome lager indeed and after a few swigs I noticed that I hadn't particularly burped that much… although…!

I'd definitely have this craft lager again. The ingredients seemed to have been well thought out and used to provide the maximum of flavour, with a fine balance of sweet malt and floral spicy hops. This London Lager is truly a craft beer marvel that would twist my arm into believing certainly not all lagers are just the belly burping gas balloons of the brewing industry!

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