28 June 2020

Do Egg Custards Exist Everywhere? Essential Waitrose Egg Custards (@NLi10)

Spain has pastal de nata, and the U.K. has egg custards. I’m not sure whether everywhere else does!

Waitrose had a couple of them waiting for the perfect home - and we saved 15p!

It’s basically a pastry cup, full of solid vanilla egg custard. It’s a traditional treat round these parts.

And this is what they look like! I really enjoy their creamy goodness, they are very cooling on a hot day. The supermarket ones have to be refrigerated so aren’t as good as those fresh from the bakers.


stella is zuinig said...

No such thing in the Netherlands unfortunately! We do have 'tompouce' which is a bit like a custard slice. That's my favourite vanilla custard treat!

Rich Anderson said...

How interesting - maybe I should review odd British things more! (and try their international cousins)